miércoles, 7 de noviembre de 2007

This explains the mystery of Hillside Elementary

A los pocos días de llegar a Buenos Aires, recibí un email de Tom Luddy con este encabezamiento. Y copiaba la entrada de wikipedia. Con wikipedia ya no hay misterios...

Hillside Elementary School is a now-closed public elementary school
located in the hills section of Berkeley, California. It sits on the
block bounded by Le Roy Avenue, Buena Vista Way and La Loma Avenue.
Hillside is registered as a local historic landmark. The present
structure was built after the 1923 Berkeley fire destroyed its
predecessor, located on the southwest corner of Le Roy and Virginia
Street. Hillside was closed both because of a declining school age
population and because it sits immediately adjacent to the Hayward
Fault which runs behind it on La Loma Avenue. The school's playground
is used as a de facto neighborhood park.

Como diría Charlie Brown: Sigh...

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