sábado, 24 de marzo de 2007

Andres Di Tella en University of California

Documentary and Subjectivity
A Workshop with Argentine Filmmaker Andres Di Tella


Speaker: Andres Di Tella, Filmmaker, Director of Princeton Documentary Festival

Description: (In English.) This half-day workshop will study the place of subjectivity in the documentary genre and the ways in which filmmakers use personal stories to deal with wider social concerns. The workshop will also provide a basis for assessing the significance of new developments in the genre, such as the increasing portrayal of filmmakers and documentary subjects as "performers," the abandonment of the ideals of "objectivity," and the blurring of borders between fiction and documentary. Di Tella's presentation will be illustrated largely with samples of his own completed works and works-in-progress.
Starting date: 3/9/2007 Ending date: 3/9/2007
Starting time: 2:00 PM Ending time: 5:30 PM
Event type: Workshop
Location: 53A Olson Hall
Sponsored by: Spanish Department
University of California, Davis.

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